J2T Points & Rewards :: Step by step configurations


“J2T Points & Rewards” is a big and FREe extension for Magento based e-commerce stores where Discounts are rewarded to customers on the basis of amount that they spent to buy from the store. In short, this is a Points and Reward system for a magento based store.

I really faced hard time to see some step by step manual to configure this extension but got no luck. Eventually i was able to configure it successfully with the help of some community mates (thanks to them) so thought to share. Here it is:

Step1: Disable your Cache.
Step2: Make sure you have copied the template and layout files of this extension under the active template of store.

Step3: Go in Reward points > Configurations and make following settings (you may set it according to your business logic too):
money to obtain: 1
points to obtain 1: 100
apply points by step: no
leave step value blank
use max points: no
round up points: no
coupon code restriction: yes
apply store scope: yes

Step4: Go Promotions –> Shopping cart price rules and add a shopping cart price rule with following settings:
rule name: points
customer group: general
coupon code: points
under action tab have the “fixed amount discount for entire cart”

Step4: Go catalog –> attributes –> manage attribute
create ‘reward_points’
scope: global
apply to: all product types
Use for Price Rule Conditions: yes
Allow HTML-tags on Front-end: yes

That’s it! After these settings are done, you’ll be able to see these effects:

— Reward points section is being shown in Customer Account area.
— Logged in User is given an option to redeem the points on shopping cart page.
— discount is applied on shopping cart

Hope it will be helping for someone.


4 thoughts on “J2T Points & Rewards :: Step by step configurations

  1. Justin says:


    do you have an idea how to prevent clients from applying their points on items with special price? I can’t find the solution. I know how to make a restriction for coupon codes (there is a setting at backend), but how to solve special price items??
    Thanks in advance!

  2. arpo says:

    Is it possible to update customer accumulated points from admin (overwrite points totals)? We are a mail order cataloger and get orders from many sources (not all in Magento) and would like to update total tally for customers regardless where the order came from.


    Is it possible to offer the redemption of points to be available only for a
    set of products (not a discount) like: product x = 300 points and product
    y=500 points etc.

    Arpo Lepisto
    Alaskan Harvest

  3. Serpico says:

    Great help, thanks. I have a question yet, Is it possible to set in “Points gathered / unit of money spent” decimal values? I ask you that beacause i put a decimal value once and it worked, but then, it stopped, till now. Maybe i need to uninstall the whole module but there are alway some table remaining. Can you give me a tip or help in this direction? Thanks in advance!


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