Magento::Change page Title of Magento Module

hello friends,

While working on a Megento project, i got a scenario to set Title of my custom Module’s pages. I’ll try to provide the solution here. Note one thing, you may implement this solution to change the Title of any Core Module of Magento so I’ll refer to general file paths here.

open this file in your Magenot installation:  “app/design/frontend/[your_name_space]/[‘your_theme’]/layout/[‘your_module_name’].xml”
(If you haven’t created any name space then your path must be like: “app/design/frontend/Default/[‘your_theme’]/layout/[‘your_module_name’].xml”)

Suppose, if  you want to change the title of ‘contacts’ module, you can find Xml file on this path : “app/design/frontend/default/default/layout/contact.xml”.

then modify your contact.xml file like this image. Notice the new code that is encircled in it.

helping image

helping image

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