End of another Year: 2008

hello Freinds,

Hearlty congratulations on starting of a new year: 2009. May this comming year bring great peace and  calmness for all of us and “ALLAH” help us to achieve all our goals in commin year.

We should’nt spend time to celebrate this comming year only, but should fix some time also to rethink about what we lost in past year and what were causes of  that. It will not only realize us about our defects but will also lead us towards success in 2009, INSHAALLAH.

 So Lets pray to Almighty “ALLAH” for the best,  WHO bestows HIS shower of blessings on all of us.

I won’t forget those humans, who are suffering of bad war attacks and being cut like carrots. May “ALLAH” help all of them, specialy those who are being suffered in Ghaza, Palestine for nothing 


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