I am Ahsan Shahzad

Hello Friends,

This is my first post to fulfill my feeling that i must share my Web development experiences with all of my readers. I can’t forget the day when Hasin Haider asked me to start Blogging but ….

Birds are still in my hand so i am Happy 🙂

For those who don’t know me: I am Ahsan Shahzad; working as Software Engineer at NextBridge pvt. ltd.  I completed my BS Computer Sciences from University of Punjab Lahore, Pakistan. I was  lucky that my study center was FCS as they provided us with best teachers of my city.

I love to work on web applications as for me: Web devlopment brings more creativity and inspiration to achieve cool things that makes someone to say “WAOooooo” :).  I love to code in PHP as “Open Source Matters” :). I have about 3 years work experince in PHP/MYSQL/AJAX and related technologies and still going on these…

It is my dream to be 4th Zend Certified Engineer of Pakistan (i hope I’ll be very soon “INSHAALLAH”)

Please appericiate if you find something helpfull in my posts AND criticize if you feel any thing bad and don’t worry; I am an open minded person to bear both 🙂


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